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07:55pm 09/04/2005

Teal garter belt size large

Pink Garter belt size small
01:04pm 12/03/2005
mood: busy
In an attempt to par down on my LJ communities and such since I'm not online much anymore, I'm going to give up Scrapheap. If someone in the community would like to take over, just let me know by commenting here. Otherwise I'll be deleting the community on March 24, 2005.

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08:15pm 11/03/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Click the pic to go there.
10:48am 22/02/2005
08:14pm 31/05/2003
  I added a lot of new items to my page of clothes for sale. You can view the price and description of each item by clicking on it's picture. No price is definite. I sell the item to those who email me and are first to officially claim it. I'm cool with cash and money orders. Lovies and licorice, *Lojo

Drop me an email if something catches your interest--->

Buy my shiiiaaattt.
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04:13pm 23/05/2003
  Hey there. I'm Lojo. I'm a newbie.

I put some of my clothes on ebay and these are the items I didn't sell. I thought I'd list them on here for the hell of it and see if anyone is interested. I'm not going to list any prices. You can let me know what price you think is appropriate. If you have any questions you can ask me on here or you can drop me an email [which is listed in my profile]. I'll accept money orders and cash and will wait up to 14 days to receive payment.
Some of this stuff I just want to get rid of. Let me know if something catches your eye...and tell your friends if you think they may be interested. Thankies, *Lojo.

* Black/Collar/V-neck: Small-Medium. Brand new.
* Black Spaghetti Straps/ Cream Lace: Small-Medium. Brand new.
* Black Long Sleeved:Small
*Dark Jeans image one:
Dark Jeans image two: 25-26 inch waist. Brand new. Stretchy.
* Vintage Jean jacket: Small-Large.
*Light Jeans image one:
*Light Jeans image two: hipster, low cut jeans. 27-28 inch waist. Stretchy. Brand new.
* Tank top: says “Naughty”. Xsmall.
* Navy tank top: Brand new. Small.
* One-Shoulder Tank: w/ kitty & crossbones print. Small-Medium.
* Pink Lace Camisole: Vintage. Small-Medium.
* Red Tank: says “Rebel”. Small.
* Silver Strapless: Small. Brand new.
* Oldschool Baseball Cap:says “Custer’s Tattoo”. Brand new condition. Looks like its never been worn
* Tommy Hilfiger Halter: Small-Large. Brand new.
* Black Velor Jacket w/ Silver trimming: Bongo brand. Brand new. Small-Medium.
* White Ruffle Tshirt: Small. Brand new.
* White Sweater: Small-Medium. Brand new.
* White Tank Top: Small.

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12:45am 04/01/2003
  Alright folks, I have quite a dilemna on my hands right now.. There is this dress, and I need it.. now.. you all are thinking.. you dont NEED anything.. but yes.. I need this dress.. the only problem is.. I have.. a month and 5 days to come up with $227 for the dress.. plus money for shoes, jacket, accessories, and the ticket for Winter Formal.. I have the date, but thats about all.. or I need pictures too.. so here is my absolutely PATHETIC attempt to get money.. if you want to send me some money.. feel free to do so.. even if it is $0.01.. any amount helps.. e-mail me at lovemealways42@hotmail.com or IM me at Kimbttrfly for my address.. also, I guarantee if you "lend" me this money, I will send you something wonderful in return when I get money from my paycheck of the job I will be getting soon.. but for now.. even if you send me loose change, I will send you a little something in return..

ALSO!!! I will be selling little goodie bags for
$1.00 + postage stamp
$5.00 + 2 postage stamps

if you would like to purchase one of these to help my fund.. the goodie bags will contain jewelry, stickers, tapes, stuffed animals, make-up, books, clothes etc.. just cute random things.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me.. this is the dress I want

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01:56am 20/12/2002
  New ebay items! Vampire books, fantasy books, romance books, beads, hello kitty, and more!
I do have a US and an international address and ship worldwide! Low shipping on all my auctions. 300+ positive feedbacks.

Lots of NEW items up! 
09:20pm 11/12/2002

300+ feedback
Stickers, Crafts, Hello Kitty, Birthday Acc., Cosmetics, Stocking Fillers, and more! Ships Worldwide for low Postage cost!

Come check us out, you are bound to find something you want!
New and Updated 
11:47pm 08/11/2002
  I have a ton of new items that I just listed up! Movies, clothing, books, Hello Kitty, Korean Anime, Crafts, and more! Check it out

08:21pm 04/10/2002
  New stuff on my trade list

Please help me get rid of this stuff!! No offer will be turned down.
05:36pm 24/09/2002
  Take a look at me and my friends trade and want lists.. we'll take money too.. just click below

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New Community 
04:09pm 29/08/2002
  to trade.. to have secret friends.. and to get items you like:

02:11pm 29/08/2002
  I want to create a little secret pal trading group.. where I collect the information of people, favorite shows, music, accessories, etc.. and then give their name/address/interests to someone else and they buy little things for them.. and send them randomly.. this is based on the honor system.. so if you are willing to participate in this.. please reply to this or e-mail me at lovemealways42@hotmail.com or IM me at Kimbttrfly  
Black Belts Needed 
06:28pm 26/06/2002
mood: cheerful
Hi Everyone! ^_^

I was wondering if anyone had any spare black belts, any size, any condition. I'm making a LuLu (FFX) costume and need them for the skirt. Just let me know what you want in trade and I'll try to help you out.

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10:54pm 23/06/2002

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05:20pm 29/05/2002
  I just made a new community.. it'll be easier for me to gather all the people from all the different trade communities into one.. so please join.. and post frequently.. I'm a new trader.. but very interested.. :)

What I need: 
01:34pm 21/05/2002
mood: cheerful
Since I haven't gone through my pile of junk recently, I'll post what I have at a later date.

What I currently need for costumes (I'll provide pictures when I get back to my room):

For Leaf from Record of Lodoss War:
-a L or XL dark green sundress/sleeveless dress, with a scoop neck. Anything similar can be altered.
-A yellow mini-skirt/tight skirt, bright mustard-y yellow, size 18-20, length can be hemmed so it doesn't matter.
-a large amount of maroon fabric
-tall size 7 1/2-8 boots, brown or a paintable surface. No heel or a very slight one.

Belldandy from Oh! My Goddess!
-jean jacket, XL

Jenny Sparks from The Authority
-White suit
-british flag tank top

There's more I can't remember, but Leaf is my big project right now so I can't think of the others. When you post things you need, you don't have to post what costume they're for, it just helps me stay organized : )
01:09pm 21/05/2002
mood: accomplished
Okay! I know I'm such a slacker, but here we go.

Some rules for our lovely community, guildines, things to think about follow, FAQ, whatever.

First, respect your fellow members. Don't lie about your items, don't take three months to mail something.

Handle this like you would an eBay auction or a half.com sale, send it out as soon as possible.

Okay, I'm going to try not to run all over the board here and be organized.

Things eligable for trade in the scrap heap:
Clothing items (spefically vintage or strange items that might be of use for costuming such as jumpsuits, suit jackets, strange colors and such).
Accessories (belts, jewlery, hats, shoes, etc.)
Costumes (Yes, you may trade a full costume)
Commissions (If you make Jubei-chan eyepatches for fun, you can put them up for trade, or if you sew costumes).
Fabric (scraps, large amounts, yards, leftovers)

Okay. So we'll go with a sample to illustrate how this will work.

I need either green fabric or a green sundress/sleeveless dress with a scoop neck, sized somewhere between 16 and 20 for my Leaf costume (Record of Lodoss War). So I would post that.

Anybody that has it posts back and either says something they are looking for that I could maybe provide or a rough estimate of a price for it. Please keep prices reasonable for costumers, remember that this is something that we're basically looking for at thrift stores and discount bins. I'm sure nobody on this list is rich. Your price shouldn't be what you paid for it unless it's still in mint condition, never worn, and in a package since the day you bought it.

Another way to do this:
Post a list of items you have available or list of items you want. Mark the post to be added to the memories (putting a quick sentance at the top will remind me to do so) and it will be.

Okay, so it's up to the two people who conduct the trade to do the following-
-email each other their addresses, or post them friends only. Addresses posted to the list will be added to the memories for the group. However, please don't post addresses public for your own safety.
-determine what a fair trade would be. Members of the group can be asked to mediate or offer suggestions if you're stuck.
-Conduct the trade within a reasonable amount of time, and keep the other informed of any problems with the trade.

Some general rules:
1. I can't stress the pricing rule enough. This is a community for scraps and bargains. Not for making a profit. We're about helping fellow costumers.

2. Be honest about the quality and quantity of your fabric. Also, sizing is important, don't say something is large if it's small, it'll only lead to people being unhappy.

3. We're a community, which means respect. Honesty is part of that respect, the mailing, the pricing. It's all about being nice to each other.

4. Check the memories lists of what people want/have before posting, so maybe you can post "Hey, Meiran, still have that pink suit?" rather than "I need a pink suit." Also, please let me know if you trade something off your list or get something you needed so the entry can be altered.

If anybody has any ideas on how to make this run smoother, let me know. I'm new to this and want it to run well. I'll be posting my lists soon. Good luck!

(and post!)
10:55am 15/05/2002
mood: awake
Glad to see we've got members!

I'm going to be posting some simple rules and suggestions later today, but for now I'm going to collapse and get some more work done on my final projects.

I swear it never ends. I'm going to graduate and still have work left to do. *laugh*