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What I need:

Since I haven't gone through my pile of junk recently, I'll post what I have at a later date.

What I currently need for costumes (I'll provide pictures when I get back to my room):

For Leaf from Record of Lodoss War:
-a L or XL dark green sundress/sleeveless dress, with a scoop neck. Anything similar can be altered.
-A yellow mini-skirt/tight skirt, bright mustard-y yellow, size 18-20, length can be hemmed so it doesn't matter.
-a large amount of maroon fabric
-tall size 7 1/2-8 boots, brown or a paintable surface. No heel or a very slight one.

Belldandy from Oh! My Goddess!
-jean jacket, XL

Jenny Sparks from The Authority
-White suit
-british flag tank top

There's more I can't remember, but Leaf is my big project right now so I can't think of the others. When you post things you need, you don't have to post what costume they're for, it just helps me stay organized : )
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