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Take a look at me and my friends trade and want lists.. we'll take money too.. just click below

Black stomach opening peasant top, with button missing.. Size 12 in kids.. fits me.. from The Limited Too very cute
Navy Blue shirt with Volcom Stone written on front in orange and grey.. Size Medium.. is tight on me..
Black Fly Girls shirt.. 3 butterflies on front.. Size Medium..
White Volcom shirt with upside down Butterfly and volcom sign.. size medium..
White Rusty shirt with blue and silver butterfly on front.. size medium
White Rusty shirt with R on left chest.. and a butterfly on the back.. size Medium..
White Lost shirt.. says ...Lost on the front and has a heart with a picture of the sunset on the back.. size Medium..
White shirt with Butterfly on it.. brand: 619.. size medium..
Plain light blue ribbed tank top.. Size Small/Medium
Sky blue shirt which reads "I'm sorry. You looked good from faraway." Size Medium..
Big Burgundy Parachute pants.. from Hot Topic.. slightly ripped at the waist, where the ties come out.. but not noticeable.. and it doesn’t affect the wear of them.. Size 7..
Lime Green Halter top.. Size Small..
Pink and orange spaghetti strap dress.. Size Medium.. only worn once.. very cute..
Pink Leopard print tube top.. shimmery.. size medium..
Short blue tye-dyish dress.. with tie top.. worn only once.. size large.. but is very small for a large..
size 8.5 in womens hardly ever worn white and pink adidas..
size 5 red blue asphault pants.. hardly warn
new looking size 5 dollhouse jeans.. barely worn
Grey bootcut suburban girl pants with hidden pockets.. size 9
lime green crushed velvet leotard.. size petite..
thin sea print skirt.. can scan a picture, it's hard to explain.. size medium
very worn jeans with butterflies sewn on the back pockets.. size 5.. frayed at the ends.. these were my fav. pants..
violet v-neck shirt from charolette russe, size med..
nsync tour t-shirt, a little faded..huge.. but size medium..
grey pants.. that go from light to dark grey as they reach the bottom.. sparkly.. size 7..
black short skirt.. size 9.. but more like a 5, at most..
navy blue justin timberlake shirt.. size adult large
blue soft capris from express.. very classy.. size 5/6
nsync tour shirt.. nsync on front.. and blurred nsync on back.. size medium
purple spaghetti strap shirt.. size med.
navy blue printed tube top.. one size fits mose..
grey shirt with vicious written in pink.. size med.
nsync shirt.. white.. faded.. one of the first.. size large
grey sparkly tank top from wet seal.. size m
black nsync shirt.. size L


Pewter necklace with red stones and a cross with red stones in it.. very elegant..
Fairy Tales Book, hard cover
Small butterfly jewely box..
Set of used looking Circle of 3 books.. 15 in Total..
Never Ending Story I - movie
Never Ending Story III - Movie
Small round picture frame.. pewter..
Anti-Trust.. VHS
Portable CD player, yellow, anti-shock.. no headphones.. in good shape
2 identical candle holders, black metal..
grey shag lamp..
unicorn sitting on moon figurine..
pink fluffy head band from disneyland with pink bouncers on springs on the tops..

**note.. no CD will be in it's orignal casing.. I will play the CD all the way through before selling it to you.. to make sure no scratches.. or skips**
Mariah Careys "Thang God I FOund You" single..
Chers "Believe" Single
The Offspring "Americana"
Six Pence None The Richers "Kiss Me" Single
Jennifer Paiges "Crush" Single
2Ge+hers "The Hardest Part Of Breaking Up" Single
NSYNC "No Strings Attached"
Aqua "Aquarium"
98º "Revelation"
Eminem "Marshall Mathers LP" Censored Version
Divas Live 99
Christina Aguilera "Come on Over Baby" Single
Pink "Cant Take Me Home"
NSYNC and Britney Spears #1 Requests
Christina Aguilera "Genie in a Bottle" Single
Mariah Carey "Cant Take That Away" Single
Christina Aguilera "Love For All Seasons" Enhanced Collectors Edition CD from Sears
Destinys Child "The Writings On The Wall"
Joey McIntyre "Stay the Same" single
Steps "Tragedy" single
5ive "When The Lights Go Out" Single
Shania Twain "You're Still The One" Single
98º "98º and Rising"
Dream "He Loves U Not"
Angela Via "Picture Perfect" Single
Janet Jackson "Doesnt Really Matter" Single
NSYNC "God Must Have Spent" Single
Take 5 "Never Had It So Good" Single
NSYNC "it's Gonna be Me" SIngle
NSYNC Star Profile **comes in original case with book**
Nine Inch Nails "51N" Single **comes in original case**
Madonna "The Power of Goodbye" Single
Delias "In your head" CD
98º "The Hardest Thing" Single
98º "Because of you" Single
Madonna "Frozen" Single
PacSun CD
No Authority "One More Time" Single
Britney Spears "Oops.. I did It Again"
Backstreet Boys **I dont know what CD.. it's the blue graffiti one**
Celine Dion "Lets Talk About Love"
Jewel "Spirit"
Backstreet Boys **the first CD**
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Soundtrack
Platinum Christmas Album **ask for details**
Mariah Carey "I still Believe" Single
Boyzone "A Different Beat"
Robbie Williams "The Ego Has Landed"
Britney Spears "From The Bottom of my Broken Heart" Single
702 "702"
WWF The Music 4
Vitamin C "Vitamin C"
2 NSYNC CD's that you'll have to respond to get more info.. VERY RARE and imported songs..

Light Bulb with the word "Love" in it
TONS of NSYNC stuff.. Magazines/posters/calendars ETC.. respond for full list, if interested..
The taming Of the Shrew- Book by Shakespeare
A small pewter looking candle holder.. looks like a lamp..
about 1" tall solid pewter dragon figurine with red gem..
Stage monologue book
Pewter picture frames.. a three-set
[*]=Perfect Condition [+]=Good Condition [-]=Well-used
[*]=Perfect Condition [+]=Good Condition [-]=Well-used
(All in Original Packaging, unless otherwise noted.)
[*] Magic Users' Club (Mahou Tsukai Tai) Vol. 1 (Eps. 1 & 2)
(All in Original Packaging, unless otherwise noted.)
[+] Oh! My Goddess (Aa! Megami-sama) Ep. 3 Dubbed
[*] Dragonball Z Movie 1 - Dead Zone - English Dubbed
[*] Dragonball Z Movie 2 - The Tree of Might - English Dubbed
[*] Dragonball Z Movie 3 - The World's Strongest - English Dubbed
[+] Dragon Ball Z - Movie 6 - Fansub - B Quality
[+] Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) - Raw Japanese - Taped Off Fuji TV - A- Quality - Commercials
[*] Cowboy Bebop - Mushroom Samba - Eps. 17-18 - English Dubbed
[+] Hello Kitty Sanrio Video - Raw Japanese - "Nakayokuosobou-Hitoridenenne" - 20 minutes - W/out packaging
(All in Original Packaging, unless otherwise noted.)
[*] System of a Down - Toxicity - Without Bonus Materials
[*] Best of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas
[*] KROQ New Music CD 2001
[*] KROQ New Music CD 2002
[*] Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much - Single
[*] Santana feat. Rob Thomas - Smooth - Single
[*] The Beatles - 1
[*] The Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There/Take Me Home - Single

[+] Bright Blue Support Tank - Medium - By Mully & Pip - 2001
[+] Blue tye-dye baby tee, low neck - Small/Medium - By Attack - 2000
[*] "sugar hi*" with elephant screen tee - Large - By Sugar - 2001 {pending}
[+] Long khaki pants/shorts, pants missing - by Utility - thrift - Girls' size XL (14-16)
[+] Indigo sparkly jeans - little bit of fraying at the bottom - size 5, fits like a 3 - By Mudd - 2001
[-] 32" bellbottom jeans comfy!! - size 7 - by GX - 1999
[+] Olive/Orange drawstring pant - Girls' Medium - by Unionbay - 1999
[+] Polyester yoga pant - blue with white vertical stripes on the side - Medium - by City Sites - 2001
[*] Dragon print pajama pant - black/rad - small/medium - by Ellemenno - 2002 - worn/washed only once! Became too small.
[*] Purple/black semiformal short dress - Small/Size 3 - by Guess - Convertible, straps/no straps - Tre Cute!
[-] 32" raver jeans - size 3/5 - well-worn, soft - by Kikwear - 2000
[*] Beige shirt
[*] Dragon Ball Z tee - Boys' size XL - Goku with Chinese Dragon
[-] "Monkeying Around" - tee size L - by ODM
[*] White halter - size M - xhiliration - worn once
[+] One Step Up white tank - elastic support - star appliques, bares midriff - handkercheif cut - runs small - size M
[*] Basic Editions gym short - size M - asphalt gray, blue & white stripe on side
[*] Johnny Suede - mens' size M - black wifebeater - flaming dice applique
[*] Princess Mononoke tee - mens' size L - San with Moro
(All perfect, other than pushpin holes)
Dragon Ball Z (4)
Tenchi Muyo! (1) - Christmas Theme
Gundam Wing (1) - All 5 pilots - faces
Ranma 1/2 (1) - Female Ranma kicking
Magic: The Gathering mini-poster. Art by Todd Lockwood. No pushpin holes, mint.
Pokemon postcard

[*] Handheld electronic slot game
[*] Handheld electronic Milton Bradley Hangman game
[*] Dear Diary "Really Dating" handheld diary

[+] All of Toriyama Akira's Dragon Ball through the beginning of Part 3, except Part 1, issues 1-3. In English, printed by Viz. Individual issues. First printings.

[*] Victoria's Secret bath bubbles - "Love Spell" - 4 oz. - unopened
[*] Jean bandana, red flower applique - never worn
[*] Ice skating skirt - Blue - Worn once as part of a Sailor Mercury costume - Sz. 12-14 girls - fits tight
[*] Monkey-eye-shapes sleeping eyecover
[*] Hershey's milktruck tin (chocolates not included, but tre Milkman Dan)
[*] Chinese "Dream" temporary tattoo, 4 x 2 inches
[*] Hello Kitty mini sticker book
[*] Sailor Moon stickers (9)
[*] The Rage card game trading cards (6)
[*] Pokemon cards... you want it, I've got it. (Jap., Holo, Eng.)
Dragon Ball Z trading cards:
[*] entire Japanese series 3 (all holos included)
[*] Japanese series 4 (8)
[*] Entire American Series 1 (minus #1, 6-9, 14, 17, 31, 32)
[*] American 2nd Series (18 + 1 Gohan holo)
[*] American 3rd Series (15)
[+] 3/4 spool of blue yarn


Tom Cruise J/K
Strawberry Shortcake Goodies
Shoes / Sandals / Boots of any kind (Sizes 8 - 8.5. 8 in heels)
Black zipup hooded sweater, size M
Avril Lavigne - Let Go
Goo Goo Dolls - A Boy Named Goo
Vanessa Carlton - Be Not Nobody
India.Arie - Acoustic Soul - CD Moulin Rouge 2 CD
Gothic / Punk / off-culture fashions (sizes Medium, 5-7, and small-fitting larges)
Studded/spiked bracelets
Malice Mizer Goodies
Evangelion - Episodes 24-26 - DVD
Akira - DVD
Sailor Moon Stars Fansubs
A Peculiar Purple Pieman of Purcupine Peak doll (Strawberry Shortcake)
Cheap-O digital camera
Yellow PVC fabric
Cute shirts ((preferably black or red))
Black/Purple/Green skirts
Boots Size 9 womens or 7 mens
Hair ties/pins/barrettes
Anything with kitties on it
Marilyn Manson/Nine Inch Nails/Smashing Pumpkins CD
Long black skirts..
black shirts..
burgundy skirts or shirts..
Anything Nightmare Before Christmas..
Unused thongs/g-strings
NIN/SP/MM posters or memorablia..
anything plaid, leather, pleather, pvc, bondage..
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