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Perfect Life :)

Alright folks, I have quite a dilemna on my hands right now.. There is this dress, and I need it.. now.. you all are thinking.. you dont NEED anything.. but yes.. I need this dress.. the only problem is.. I have.. a month and 5 days to come up with $227 for the dress.. plus money for shoes, jacket, accessories, and the ticket for Winter Formal.. I have the date, but thats about all.. or I need pictures too.. so here is my absolutely PATHETIC attempt to get money.. if you want to send me some money.. feel free to do so.. even if it is $0.01.. any amount helps.. e-mail me at or IM me at Kimbttrfly for my address.. also, I guarantee if you "lend" me this money, I will send you something wonderful in return when I get money from my paycheck of the job I will be getting soon.. but for now.. even if you send me loose change, I will send you a little something in return..

ALSO!!! I will be selling little goodie bags for
$1.00 + postage stamp
$5.00 + 2 postage stamps

if you would like to purchase one of these to help my fund.. the goodie bags will contain jewelry, stickers, tapes, stuffed animals, make-up, books, clothes etc.. just cute random things.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me.. this is the dress I want

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hey, i'll buy three $1 goodie bags from you. email me,