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Okay! I know I'm such a slacker, but here we go.

Some rules for our lovely community, guildines, things to think about follow, FAQ, whatever.

First, respect your fellow members. Don't lie about your items, don't take three months to mail something.

Handle this like you would an eBay auction or a sale, send it out as soon as possible.

Okay, I'm going to try not to run all over the board here and be organized.

Things eligable for trade in the scrap heap:
Clothing items (spefically vintage or strange items that might be of use for costuming such as jumpsuits, suit jackets, strange colors and such).
Accessories (belts, jewlery, hats, shoes, etc.)
Costumes (Yes, you may trade a full costume)
Commissions (If you make Jubei-chan eyepatches for fun, you can put them up for trade, or if you sew costumes).
Fabric (scraps, large amounts, yards, leftovers)

Okay. So we'll go with a sample to illustrate how this will work.

I need either green fabric or a green sundress/sleeveless dress with a scoop neck, sized somewhere between 16 and 20 for my Leaf costume (Record of Lodoss War). So I would post that.

Anybody that has it posts back and either says something they are looking for that I could maybe provide or a rough estimate of a price for it. Please keep prices reasonable for costumers, remember that this is something that we're basically looking for at thrift stores and discount bins. I'm sure nobody on this list is rich. Your price shouldn't be what you paid for it unless it's still in mint condition, never worn, and in a package since the day you bought it.

Another way to do this:
Post a list of items you have available or list of items you want. Mark the post to be added to the memories (putting a quick sentance at the top will remind me to do so) and it will be.

Okay, so it's up to the two people who conduct the trade to do the following-
-email each other their addresses, or post them friends only. Addresses posted to the list will be added to the memories for the group. However, please don't post addresses public for your own safety.
-determine what a fair trade would be. Members of the group can be asked to mediate or offer suggestions if you're stuck.
-Conduct the trade within a reasonable amount of time, and keep the other informed of any problems with the trade.

Some general rules:
1. I can't stress the pricing rule enough. This is a community for scraps and bargains. Not for making a profit. We're about helping fellow costumers.

2. Be honest about the quality and quantity of your fabric. Also, sizing is important, don't say something is large if it's small, it'll only lead to people being unhappy.

3. We're a community, which means respect. Honesty is part of that respect, the mailing, the pricing. It's all about being nice to each other.

4. Check the memories lists of what people want/have before posting, so maybe you can post "Hey, Meiran, still have that pink suit?" rather than "I need a pink suit." Also, please let me know if you trade something off your list or get something you needed so the entry can be altered.

If anybody has any ideas on how to make this run smoother, let me know. I'm new to this and want it to run well. I'll be posting my lists soon. Good luck!

(and post!)
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